President's Message

CTPA is Alive and Well…..

Congratulations to all that were involved with the Third Annual Cindy Cool Memorial 3-Man sorting event.  It was a huge success and marks the beginning to what I believe is going to be a great year for CTPA.   Unfortunately, Mother Nature kept me from attending, but I heard several things that have me super excited for this year.   We had a huge number of new riders attend, and as you know, the future of CTPA depends on new riders coming out and joining us.   I also want to thank the current membership for going out of the way to make the new riders feel welcome.

As most of you know, there are a lot of things that have to happen behind the scenes to have a year of CTPA events.   Due to the 2020 year, the Board started the 2021 season a little behind.   The Board has been working extra hard trying to ensure that we have an amazing 2021 year.  I feel honored to be able to be a part of a Board that stays focused on what is best for CTPA, while often setting personal motivations aside in favor of what’s best for the Association.   This Board has been extremely opened-minded and creative in searching for ways to improve our events while at the same time finding ways to stay inclusive to all that participate.   It’s not always such an easy task.   I am very proud of all of the Board members and want to thank them for working so hard.   Please feel free to reach out if any of you have interest in joining the Board.   Fresh people and fresh ideas will ensure the future of CTPA.

I have several announcements about the new year.   I am very proud to provide you with a new updated mission statement.   We worked very hard over several months to come up with a mission that is clear and concise.   We plan on using the mission as the foundation for all of the decisions we make going forward.
Hope you like it.

          * CTPA elevates the sport of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting by promoting and sanctioning
             only the highest quality shows, where:

          * Fairness rules

          * Partnerships develop between humans and horses

          * Hard work is rewarded

          * Cattle are appreciated, and most important

          * All people are welcome

We have made an attempt to improve the events for those of you who just chase the day money;   we will have added money at our shows for 2021.   We have also worked hard to give additional opportunities for those of you who want to chase year-end awards.   For 2021, our CTPA Finals points will be worth double.   By making finals points worth double, it should allow a rider to miss an event and still have a chance at catching up.  Hopefully, more people will have a chance at year-end awards.

We have also decided to separate 3-Man Sorting into its own event.   In the past 3-man points were counted both towards sorting and penning, essentially counting twice.   Going forward, 3-man sorting will be stand-alone event.   Our point page and rating page will show results for all three events.

I am also very happy to inform everyone that we will have saddles for our year-end awards.   We will be giving away six saddles to the All-Around combined winner in each rating, 1 through 6.   If a rider has different rating in different events, they will qualify for the saddle that represents their highest rating.   Please reach out to me if you have questions.  I am happy to explain it.  In the end, I believe these changes will give more people a chance to receive awards, while maintaining a high level of fairness.

As a last topic, I want to personally challenge our members to find a new face and make a team with a new rider or two.   Once again our Association depends growing through new riders.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the Drag N Fly event on April 10, 2021, in Terrebonne, OR

. . . . . . . . . Kelley Mingus


~ Thank You to Our Family of Sponsors ~

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