Congratulations to all,

On behalf of your CTPA Board, we would like to say a big thank you to another successful year of penning and sorting!!   We started the season back in March with a great kick off show and ended with a tremendous finals here in late September.   It was exciting to see how riders did throughout the year earning points towards the finals, and there were definitely some close races for the saddles!!   Congratulations to all of our contenders and especially to those who were in the top 4 of each class.   Each event and at the end of the year I like to mention all the folks that help put on these events.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to organize and run these events.   Donna, Emily and Gari Jo make it so nice to check in, get teams entered and deal with the chaos of the shows.   Jim and Dave do a great job of judging and spend hours on their feet so we can play this game.   The cattle crews that helped throughout the year headed up by Pat Long, with help from Dean Noyes, Tommi Noyes, Mikey Koch, Ben Pozel and a few others that have slipped into help when needed, kept the cattle organized and ready to go!!   All the people who show up to help tag and un-tag, as well those that get off their horses to run a gate!!   A BIG thank you.   To the board who did an exceptional job this year!!   Donna Stevens, John Ludwick, Bobbie Hall , Chrislyn Prantl, Dede Peterson, Daniece Roettger, Lisa Fast, Pat Long, thank you for the time spent on making this a great year.   Our website that is maintained and updated most of the year by Jim Crotts who is always at the ready to help and countless others that I am sure I have forgotten that make up the back bone of this organization.

We look forward to the 2020 season and will enjoy taking a few months to re- group and then start it again in March!!   We have some newly elected board members that will be an added addition to our crew this year, Deano Lovvechio, Keith Klooster, Janelle Lutz, and Matt Hogan.   We are looking to put them to work and use their input to make the 2020 season the best CTPA has to offer.   We say a sad goodbye to Bobbi Hall and Daniece Roettger who left the Board for the upcoming term.   We will miss their input, but know that they will undoubtedly keep the new Board on track.

Thank you again to all of you who have been a strong part of CTPA over the years and to the new members in 2019 and to those to come.   I pray that as we have this time off and we go thru the Holiday Seasons that you have time to spend with your families, get re-energized and come back strong in 2020.   Looking forward to next year!!   See you at the kickoff in March in Walla Walla.

Ride Strong
Lane Lehrke



2020 Season Dates


March 21


Walla Walla


April 25 & 26




May 16 & 17


Sky Hawk


June 13




July 4 & 5


Sky Hawk


August 1


Rolling H


August 22


Carey Cathey


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