Happy Holidays CTPA Family and Friends:

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for 2020 to be over!!!

I hope this note finds all of you safe and making it through these crazy times. I am writing this note for the last time as your CTPA president. I would like to take a minute and thank everyone for the overwhelming support I have received as your president. I became president of CTPA late in the year of 2014 and have enjoyed the years as president. Leaving this year was always the plan but COVID was not!. With the restrictions that came in place with COVID, our 2020 season was canceled. Some questions arose as to why we canceled the season, so I thought I would give a quick breakdown of the "why" part.

The safety of our members first and foremost. In early March of this year, no one really knew what the virus was about. As we moved further into the calendar year, our hands were tied with restrictions put into place by our State on the size of gatherings we could have. As we moved through the summer months, we were again bound by public facilities not allowing us to hold events. Also, our insurance carrier will not cover anything related to COVID and abides by State law.

So here we are, winding down the 2020 year and trying to plan a schedule for 2021. We are currently still restricted on gathering limitations and there are no public facilities that will have us without a detailed COVID plan and insurance to cover the event.

With the number of participants and cattle herds for a CTPA event, we need a facility that can hold us, as well as a facility that during the spring and fall weather could provide cover over our heads. The summer events are easier in the fact that we can hold some events at private facilities that are outdoors and can hold all of us safely, as well as the cattle.

Your CTPA Board has and will continue to try to put together events in 2021 that will allow us to get somewhat back to normal. The Governor announced today that restrictions are now in effect to December 31 for indoor arenas as prohibited in the counties in which CTPA uses facilities and only a max of 50 people in outdoor arenas. This will be re-evaluated after that date. My hopes are that with the new vaccine this will be sooner than later. The Board will keep everyone posted on any events we can have, either as a stand alone CTPA event, or a sanctioned event with a venue that will allow us the opportunity to ride.

Until then keep safe and enjoy the Holidays with your friends and loved ones.

Ride Strong

. . . . Lane
All CTPA 2020 Events Cancelled


~ Thank You to Our Family of Sponsors ~

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