Sartin's Event!

What a great event we had at Sartin's Arena last weekend. Although we couldn't escape the brutal heat, we had a great turn out and a fun-filled event! A special thanks to Pete Sartin for allowing us to use his facility and for making it as comfortable as he could get it in the arena, with well-watered footing and fans to keep the folks and animals cool.

There is really no way we can have the events we do without the great help we receive each and every time from volunteers, as well as hired cattle crews. This event was one that took a lot of organizing to run as smooth as it did. I want to thank Daniece Roettger for all of her work in getting things ready for the event, as well as the great cattle crew. Thank you to all who helped tag the cattle early in the morning on Friday to beat the heat and our cattle help on the weekend - Clinton Carl, Mike Kley, Pat Long, Diane Davis, Frank Prantl, and Matt Vachon. If I missed anyone, I apologize, but know that you are appreciated as well. Also want to include a big thank you to our judges who had to sit in one place in the heat for the most of the day to judge our event.

Clinton was very generous in supplying us great cattle and I am happy to report that all the cattle are doing good this week. I would also like to thank those who ran in the 7 and 4 sorting classes on Sunday. We really appreciate the response from everyone once we had determined that being good stewards of the cattle meant shortening our last 2 classes. It was well received by riders and made me proud to be a part of such a great organization.

Results will be posted this week, points updated and the high point buckles were handed out.

Congratulations to our winners,
  • Penning:
    Floyd Foster, Spencer Polzel, Carman Edmunds (Nov & Rookie);

  • Sorting:
    Jay Cartmell, Barry Cannon, Monika Chandler and Rookie Marv Bright!!

Now on to the next show. Speck's is up next, the weekend of the 19th for the 3-man sorting which is the last event in which you can qualify for the year-end in Finals on September 29, 30 and the 2018 on October 1 (although you can still attend, but just not be eligible for the year-end awards)!. Hope a lot of you can plan to be there!!

Ride Strong

.......Lane Lehrke

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The CTPA Board has been listening to its members regarding the Open Class. The Board has agreed to change both the Open Classes in the Penning and Sorting for the 2017 Season:

*No handicap * No draw * 6-ride limit*

Added bonus:

An incentive class has been to be added to the Open Class for teams whose riders are rated #4 and below. Incentive teams pay the same entry fee as the Open riders, but $15 of the entry fee will be paid back (100%) to the incentive winners and paid in accordance with the number of teams (i.e., 1- for-10 in penning and 1-for-15 in sorting).

The Board met at length on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

All other classes in Penning and Sorting will have a 6-ride limit, but will retain the requirement of one-draw team.

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