August 24th - Tenmile, Oregon

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Rolling H Results

CTPA Members and Guests:

The Rolling H Ranch was really rolling this last weekend!!   Like always, Matt and Amy Hogan and friends, put on an amazing show.   From the good food and music to the Friday night shoot out, this was a show you didn't want to miss.   It was so much fun with family and friends and was exceptional to see Matt up and moving around as well as he was!

We started the weekend off with the open Friday night and then on to the shoot out.   The top team in the shoot out went home with $500 a man and Friday night was just the start of the fun!!   There was a hosted bar, as well as a live band and those who had their legs after riding, kicked up their heels and finished the night with dancing.   Saturday continued with more great opportunities to win a buckle and money!!

We had a catered BBQ lunch, followed by grilled hamburger and hot dog dinner, topped off with brownies a' la mode!

Congrats to the buckle winners and the shoot out champs, well done!

We are headed to Carey Cathey's for another 3-man event in Ten Mile, OR which runs up to year-end finals on September 27-28 at the Rim Rock Event Center at Brasada Ranch.   Make sure you have the dates on your calendar to be there.   Donna assured me that the results and points will be posted on Monday or Tuesday.....Times a tickin' to Finals.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks!!!

Ride Strong
Lane Lehrke


On behalf of those of us at the Rolling H Ranch, we would like to say a great big Thank You to all who came and supported our show.   Hopefully you all had a blast. It was a great weekend with great friends.   Video to follow this week.   Drive safe on the way home friends.

I leave you with the following picture of my niece MacKenzie Essin carrying our great flag.

God Bless!

Matt Hogan - Rolling H Ranch

Happy Summer CTPA members and guests,

Wow!  It's been a full spring and summer so far!   We have just slipped past the half way point of the season with our last show out at Sky Hawk Ranch.   I can't say enough how much we appreciate all the good help we receive at the shows and to our host's Denis and Lisa Fast at Sky Hawk, Tenley at the Dragon Fly and Kelli putting up with me for our show at the Double L.

Congratulations to all those that have taken home the buckles over the last few shows!  I for one this year have been extremely busy with life events and I do apologize for not getting updates to the website as often as I should.   Our next event is coming quickly at the Rolling H ranch!   We are excited about the Friday night open runs!!!

We had a good turn out at our membership meeting on Saturday night and took some nominations for upcoming board positions for the 2020 year.   Keep your eyes on the website for further details on upcoming voting opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you at the Rolling H.

Ride Strong
Lane Lehrke

Happy New Year to all CTPA Members

I wanted to take a minute and share with our members what your Board has been up to already for 2019.   We just finished up a planning retreat this last weekend Jan 5-6th, where we had a great planning session.   There were a lot of items on the agenda to get through and we managed to do it!!   There are some key items I wanted to share with our members for 2019.

One of the agenda items was to go through the rules and update and/or amend some of them.   We are pleased to say that we will have a new updated rule book printed out and available to be picked up during our first show on March 16th in Walla Walla, as well as posted on our website for easy review.   There were a couple of rule changes that will be in the new rule book that will be in bold print so folks can readily find the new ones or those that were amended.   Special thank you to Jim Hight for attending the planning session and helping with the rule overview that will assist our members to know the game they are playing.   Along with some rule amendments we also wanted to let the members know there are rules that we have been pretty relaxed on enforcing that we will tighten up in 2019.   A few to keep in mind for this year are:

  1. A rule regarding an unworkable cow has been added to the rules.

  2. The 30-second rule to be in the pen/arena and ready to go rule will be enforced. After 30 seconds, you will be disqualified, unless a rider is in another pen or working the event.

  3. Roughing or clipping cattle will be enforced.

  4. Riding too far into the penning pen when calling for time. Please review the rules regarding this, as the judges will begin enforcing this rule.

  5. Grievances. The judges will be enforcing the $50 requirement to file a grievance. Please carefully review this rule.

The ratings for 2019 have been posted and the new rating committee has been selected for the year.   Please review your rating prior to our first show.   If there is a question on your rating, you need to contact Bobbi Hall or file an official appeal (which is located on with the rating committee before any changes will be made.

Some exciting times are ahead for us this year.   We are again planning a BBQ and bonfire (Mr. Hall?) for the May 18-19th show, as well as at our annual membership meeting at the July 6-7th show, at Skyhawk Ranch.   We are also looking for sponsorships this year to help with year-end prizes.   Last year we were able to have a fantastic finals with added money, 12 saddles and lots of other quality awards.   A lot of that is due to the sponsorships that we received and the turn out at all of our events!!   It is our hope this year that we can follow up with that kind of end to the season, but it will all depend on the participation and sponsorships throughout the year and CTPA will keep you apprised.   I would encourage all of our members to see if there is opportunity where you can send a sponsor our way, or sponsor amount is too small and all are appreciated.   To qualify for 2019 finals awards, a member must ride 4 events, as well as the finals.   Even though the points at a 3-man accrue for both penning and sorting, in order to qualify for a penning/sorting award, a member must ride in an event that is not a 3-man sorting.

Myself and the Board are excited about the 2019 season and we look forward to seeing everyone in Walla Walla March 16th.

Ride Strong

. . . . Lane Lehrke

Season Awards ~ Who Won What !

2019 Season Dates

        3/16/2019...  3-Man Sorting
          Walla Walla, WA

          Drag N Fly Ranch
          2700 NW Lower Bridge Way
Terrebonne, Oregon

          Skyhawk Ranch
          Terrebonne, OR

        6/22/2019... 3-Man Sorting
         Double L Ranch
          Tumalo, OR

         Skyhawk Ranch
          Terrebonne, OR

        8/3/2019...3-Man Sorting
          Rolling H Ranch
          Junction City, OR

        8/24/2019...3-Man Sorting
          Carey Cathey Ranch
          Ten Mile, OR

          RimRock Event Center
          Powell Butte, OR

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