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A Message from the Board
Dear CTPA members,

March 15, 2020 changed the way people around the Northwest went about their normal activities.   For some, the time before the March 15th date already was impacting their lives, however, here in Oregon our daily routines where drastically changed.   After the Governor enacted a limit on all gathering sizes, as well as a shelter in place program, we have been continually trying to adapt to how we would be able to hold any CTPA shows.   As all of you are aware, these restrictions are constantly changing and the impact of those from week to week make it a serious challenge to plan any event.   Many of the public facilities we use for hosting our shows are closed and are not allowing any type of competition.   The private facilities are exercising caution on having any type of gatherings as well due to unknown penalties if a show was to be scrutinized by the media or by any concerned citizens close to the venues.

Taking a big breath is exactly what your Board has had to do over the last 6 weeks.   After a great start to the season with the Cindy Cool Memorial event, we were forced to cancel our March and April shows due to the pandemic.   With the future of the continued restrictions being unknown, the CTPA Board has elected to cancel the 2020 season.

This has not been an easy decision.   There are many reasons why this decision had to be made, the biggest being the health and welfare of our members followed by the reputation of CTPA and the integrity of its members.   Those that have already paid for a membership for the 2020 season will have their membership rolled into the 2021 season.   Any points for the 2020 season will not be rolling into next year.

Please understand we all are feeling the impact of this and want to get back to competing as soon as possible.   Your Board will be looking ahead for the 2021 season and when we can have the grandest of all kick offs scheduled!!  Remember thru these times that this is just a slow down, not a stop in any fashion of CTPA, WE will be back together soon. Keep your ears open as there may be opportunities to get together in larger groups as more restrictions are lifted thru the summer outside of CTPA.

Ride Strong
All CTPA 2020 Events Cancelled
~ Cancelled ~    April 25 & 26PrinevillePenning / Sorting
May 16 & 17Sky HawkPenning / Sorting
June 13Drag-N-Fly3-Man Sorting
July 11 & 12Sky HawkPenning / Sorting
July 31 & August 1 Rolling H3-Man Sorting
August 22Carey Cathey3-Man Sorting
September 25 & 26Brasada RanchFINALS


~ Thank You to Our Family of Sponsors ~

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